Update on ‘The Lost City’

I have finished a draft of the third book in the Tilley Pond Mouse series! It will be titled Els Oot and the Lost City. Some familiar characters and a number of new ones to look forward to.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the new book draft. Yay! I hope to finish this soon (but know that there is still a good bit of work to do on the editing and illustrations). Thank you for your continued support of my work!

[Excerpt from Els Oot and the Lost City – Book Three of the Tilley Pond Mouse series]

Chapter One
Kubo the Messenger

Els Oot the mouse held up his recorder and blew in it. He might have blown a little too hard, or maybe one (or perhaps more than one) finger was not entirely covering up a hole along the recorder’s wooden barrel. Because the sound that came out was a little shrill, a little loud, a little off key to be honest.

w-elsoot-R-enhTrillo, Els’s cricket friend, grimaced. He, like Els, was an apprentice to the mapmaker of Tilley Pond. “Ouch,” he shouted, instinctively reaching for his antennae.

Timina the blue cricket, clapped Trillo on the shoulder with her front leg. “Be kind,” she said. Then, turning to Els the mouse, she added, “Maybe blow a little softer and press a little harder?”

“Alright,” Els said. He blew a little softer and pressed a little harder, but the resulting sounds that came out seemed to Trillo less like a melody than a squeaky door hinge. He regretted now suggesting to Els that he might try to pass the time during the string of rainy days by learning to play a musical instrument.

Els seemed happy though, as if he could hear another melody in his head that Trillo could not.

Outside, in the dark night, the rain drummed on the roof of Els’s house, dashed against the window panes and gargled and gurgled as it fell off the rafters into ever widening puddles.

“You want to hear ‘panic’?” Els said with a wide grin on his face. Before Trillo could answer, Els blew hard into the recorder and moved all his fingers at once, producing such a loud screech that it made Trillo and Timina jump straight up in the air and fall flat on the ground again.

Trillo looked at Timina and muttered, “Be kind?”

“Wait,” Timina said, “I hear a sound outside.”

“Rain drops,” Els said, “More rain and more rain. Though they should be back soon.”

Els poked his head through the window drapes and looked out the window. He looked to see if his father and mother, Im and Ida Oot, or Tonk the mapmaker might be outside in the rain.

He thought he saw a little shadow near the door. He could not be sure though because a moment later there was no shadow and all he saw was rain glistening off tree leaves in the dark as the leaves caught the light from Els’s house.

Els was about to turn around and pull his head back behind the drapes when suddenly a small face appeared right in front of him. Els’s mouth opened, but there was no sound. He thought about finding his recorder because, if ever, this would have been a good time to play ‘panic’….

[Here is the end of the excerpt. I hope to provide more updates soon. ~ Nelson Suit]