Peeking Over the Fence: The Art of Melani Grube, Lana Lê and Corrina Holyoake


from Melani Grube

Each year at Inskpokes, the indie literary e-zine that I help edit, we showcase interesting artists and illustrators. It’s one of the joys of being part of an indie community that has a bent toward children’s literature. You have the opportunity to peek over the writer-side of the fence every once in a while and see what creative ways illustrators and artists are approaching their work.

We haven’t have as many showcases this year on Inkspokes this year, but the three we did have are some of of favorites: Melani Grube, Lane Lê and Corrina Holyoake. Visit with them. You should especially see Melani’s spontaneous art work from splatter paintings.


from Lana Lê


from Corrina Holyoake