Book Review: Little Katie Goes to the Moon by Carmela Dutra

littlekatieLittle Katie Goes to the Moon by children’s author Carmela Dutra is part imaginative adventure and part science lesson. As little Katie and her puppy Smudge make their imaginative journey to be moon (donning their space suits, bunny-hopping on the lunar surface and feeling the rumble of moonquakes), the reader is treated to delectable bits of science. Did you know there is no wind on the moon? That Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong left a contraption known as the Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment on the lunar surface during their moon landing? (Read the book to find out what it does!) Or that there are moonquakes?

It’s a fun adventure that girls and boys will enjoy and a book that will inspire young readers to approach science as first an imaginative exercise. Recommend for age 6 plus. Good book for an older sibling to read to a younger child. My full review is at the Inkspokes literary e-zine.