My Interview with the Book Whisperers: Business Skills for Authors


Mellisa Sherlin and Rona Gofstein from Writers Business School (Photo Credit: Independent Publishers of New England)

I met Mellisa Sherlin and Rona Gofstein, founders of the Writers Business School at a publishing conference organized by the Independent Publishers of New England. Mellisa and Rona are book whisperers of sorts. They teach authors the business of books and help them not so much to write them but to sell them.

What is the thing you want to say to the world? The thing that drives you to write. If you know that, you are one step closer to finding out who your audience is and closer to finding ways to connect with them. The skill sets for book selling is different than those writers hone to write, according to Mellisa and Rona. Those skill sets are teachable.

Read my full interview with Mellisa Sherlin and Rona Gofstein here.