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My name is Nelson Suit. I am a writer of children’s fiction and stories in the science fiction and fantasy genres. I also blog on various topics, among them being the current renaissance in small press and indie publishing and topics related to how we might connect with children through imaginative play.


I am the author of a children’s book called Els Oot and the Mapmaker. It is about a little mouse named Els who embarks on an adventure to find the village’s lost mapmaker. He travels by a dug-out mishoon canoe into the wilds, accompanied by an easily excitable bird, a nervous cricket and, somewhat unexpectedly, the grumpy Ice Perka, known around Els’s village at Tilley Pond to be the meanest person alive. It is a journey mapmaker-cs-cover-16-0830b-frontonlyof discovery, adventure, mystery and friendship written for kids ages 8 to 12.

I have loved animal stories since I was small, anything from the adventures of Rat and Mole in The Wind in the Willows to Basil the mouse detective solving the great mysteries and crimes of the mouse world in Basil of Baker StreetI also love being out of doors, in among woods and streams and believe that wild spaces bring important insights to our lives. Els Oot and the Mapmaker and its sequels, Els Oot and the Baby Dragon and Els Oot and the Lost City, marry those two loves: animal stories and wilderness.

The Els Oot books are my first published children’s books, although I have practiced many, many nights telling these and other stories to my son and daughter (mostly in an effort to have them fall asleep). Seriously though, stories I think help us understand the world around us. That is a principal reason for writing and telling them.

I am also the author of a book of poems titled Songs of Galangal and am currently working on a time-travel adventure for adults (or at least the older children amongst us) among other projects. Updates on my projects can be found on this site or (better idea) you can join my Mailing List!


I author the On Tilley Pond blog, a blog on ideas for connecting with kids through imaginative play, and am an editor at, a website dedicated to indie authors and illustrators and the readers who follow them. Visit me there!

On days when I am not writing, I practice law. I am particularly interested in the possibility of digital media in making laws more transparent. I studied history and literature at Yale University and have a law degree from Harvard Law School.

I like to doodle and draw; I wish I were better. But the important thing is to keep learning. If you are curious, you can see some of my sketches on my sketchbook page.

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